Bay Area Web Developer

Projects WebAR, the largest curator of free protest print media in the country, asked for a WebAR experience using 8thwall that superimposes video over image targets from the camera on a smartphone to raise public awareness around the social issues of our time. Check it out here.


Check out the new site for which I coded a custom theme with a custom authoring experience leveraging WordPress’s metabox API. At many points in the site’s iterations it connected to a variety of third party services such as Airtable and others. Design was done internally and handed off to me as a sketch […]

Over the course of a year I migrated content from sfmoma’s old django website to a wordpress install in order to leverage the massive wordpress community for support and stability. I developed the theme and some of it’s core plugins to migrate content from their collection and asset software:

SFMOMA’s Openspace

An ongoing project with SFMOMA for their art blog Openspace:

SFMOMA’s Public Knowledge

Here’s a site I built with the design team at SFMOMA for their artist blog Public Knowledge:

Digital Genius

Here’s a site I built with the design team at Lion Associates for the award winning tech company DigitalGenius:

RG Lounge

Restaurant website I developed with designs/photos from FutureReference:

Cisco Live!

A site I developed with designs from GoToMedia.

Union Bank’s Black History Month Website

A website I developed using designs from Carol H Williams agency and with some behavioral adjustments by the Union Bank dev team:

Genentech’s The Quest Award Website

Check it out here:

Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge Website

A site I designed & developed for Cisco and YouNoodle. Check it out here.